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Our Home & commercial pest control programs provide effective coverage for a variety of businesses and industries in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon and target Termite, Insect & Rodent common to the NCR & Sub areas.

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General Pest Control

Cockroaches have come to stay with most of us. Much as we resent living in proximity to these filthy creatures, we must not forget that cockroaches are not merely a nuisance but a serious Health Hazardas well. They carry and transmit diseases like dysentery, diarrohoea, gastroenteritis, skin allergies and innumerable other diseases. Naturally then it is imperative to get rid of these insects as speedily as possible.

General Pest Control controls cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, spiders and all crawling insects and lizards present in the premises at the time of the treatment.

We will be spraying the entire premises from ceiling to floor including all of your furniture and also inside your cabinets after which the premises will have to be closed for 4 hours.
For those who cannot keep the premises closed for 4 hours we have alternative chemicals, which are equally effective in which you can continue to stay after the treatment.

We use water-based chemicals that are stain free, practically odour free, and with no hassles of emptying any shelves or cupboards.

There is no washing or cleaning required after the treatment is done.

Annual contract includes 4 visits in 12 months.

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Best Termite Pest Control Service

Hi, I am very much happy with the Termite Control Service provided by Pest Care & Control in my 3 BHK flat. Mr. Kuldeep Gupta & his team did brilliant job.

Rajesh Garg (Dwarka)

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