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Our Home & commercial pest control programs provide effective coverage for a variety of businesses and industries in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon and target Termite, Insect & Rodent common to the NCR & Sub areas.

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Termite Pest Control

The control of subterranean termites starts with inspection to determine the infestation stage. For this purpose, all wood structure will be checked and this includes window and doorframes. After determine the extent of infestation, various option of control or treatment will be recommended.

The treatment methods vary and include structural change, physical barrier and dusting (or powdering).The most common methods in india are:

1. Pre-Constructions Anti-Termite Treatment
Soil is treated with termicide around foundation and under slabs to prevent termites from tubing up the foundation wall or entering cracks or other openings in the foundation and moving upward to attack wood members above.

2. Post -Constructions Anti-Termite Treatment
Create a chemical barrier beneath the foundation and slab. Holes are drilled into the slab. The holes are approximately 5 inches deep or where the drill reaches the soil. approved termicide/chemical are pumped into each hole to create a barrier. The holes are drilled along all vertically standing structure 1-2 feet apart depending on the site situation, condition, type of flooring and soil properties. The holes will be sealed with white cement.

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Hi, I am very much happy with the Termite Control Service provided by Pest Care & Control in my 3 BHK flat. Mr. Kuldeep Gupta & his team did brilliant job.

Rajesh Garg (Dwarka)

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