Termites are Dangerous — You Have to Know & React Quickly in Order to Prevent Property Loss!

Termites are great anxiety for homeowners. The discovery of eaten wood areas or mud tubes signals a real headache for most people.


Like ants, termites have different forms that live in what is referred to a caste system. One of the more destructive termite castes is made up of workers that perform nest maintenance and forage for food. The workers are frequently found infesting - and ingesting - wood in homes, businesses, and other structures. While they primarily like to feed on wood, workers will also eat plants at any level of decomposition. That includes:

Swimming Pool Liners
Water Filtration Systems


In addition to the soldier caste, which includes insects so specialized for protecting the colony they must be fed by workers, termite colonies have a reproductive caste consisting of a king and queen. One queen produces all of the eggs for a colony and mates with the king for life. With the queen capable of laying millions of eggs a year, extermination can require multiple treatments even when using the most effective termite control techniques.
Protect your home with termite control services from Pest care and control. A colony of termites can consume over 100 pounds of wood every year! Repairing damaged caused by termites can cost thousands of rupees.
Pest care and control offers a free inspection and estimate for our termite control services. We will develop a customized plan to protect your home against termites. Regardless of whether you have an older home or a new construction, an annual inspection is vital to maintain a termite-free property. Call 8800557575 today to schedule a free inspection and estimate for our termite control services.

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