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General pest control in and about structures, including control of vertebrate pests, but excluding wood- destroying pests and organisms and control of plants or plant pests and use of plant growth regulators.Informatively, the contract period may be extended / curtailed at the discretion of DCIL.The scope of the work includes Providing De-rating / disinfestations (General pest control) to get rid of bed bugs, flies, insects, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodent control, and termite control for DCI vessels stationed at Paradip port Trust. General pest control, industrial and institutional -- The control of insect and vertebrate pests in, on or around industrial complexes, institutional complexes and dwelling units. General pest control is the use of properly registered chemicals and/or approved devicesat scheduled times or on an as needed basis to provide adequate and acceptable population suppression ofinsects, mice and rats, and other pests not specifically excluded under "Exceptions".

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